Dealing with Failure   Recently updated !

Standpoint is a failure, in so many different ways.  The Kickstarter barely reached the end of the runway before rolling to a half.  Our Greenlight campaign stagnated within a month or two after launch.  E-mails sent to various press sources and Youtubers still remain unanswered.  We’re still waiting for a significant chunk of out promised […]



New Colors for Standpoint!

Exciting news!  Standpoint’s make-over’s begun with the new color schemes for Anger and Denial having been dropped to us as of this morning!  We’re super excited to be showing you the various other looks that will be present as you make your way through the game!  We’ve often mentioned that there would be different looks […]

WarpBall Update: Enter the AI

Good news everyone!  An update to WarpBall just got released, introducing the first version of the game’s AI!  I’ve been working on the AI over the last 2 weeks alongside Standpoint, and this is only the start.  I may end up writing a technical post on how the AI works, but I’m looking forward to […]

WarpBall AI in action

Unfinished Swan

First Person Others 1

We’ve just collectively left the generation of the FPS. Who knows it may yet continue but for the last 7 years the games with the biggest budgets, biggest adverts, largest communities, celebrity tie-ins and general industry hoo-ha has been the first person shooter. All other genres were relegated to tier 2. Perhaps out of a […]

Unruly Saturday Round-up

So what’s been going on this week with Standpoint?   Glad you asked.  The biggest change has been our adjustment to the Standpoint art-style.  We’ve added more depth to the colour ramp we use in our shader, and are really happy with the results.  It’s made the rotation effects look much smoother, as well as […]

New Shading!  Nicely ruined by GIF compression...

New Unruly Website! (beta)

We’re in the process of moving all our stuff from the Standpoint site to this, it’s new home, the Unruly Attractions site.  We’ll probably be going through several iterations of this so I guess this is a very beta site

The Story of Standpoint: We Interview the Writer and Actor

In Standpoint you’re never alone. There is always another presence accompanying your journey. Who is she? Why is she here? We caught up with Michael Gillespie (Writer) and Holly Meyrick (Actor) to shed some light on the subject. So, how did you get involved with Standpoint? Mike: I lived in Bristol for a while and encountered […]

Secret Shader V1.0

The Secret Shader of Standpoint

About a week ago, I posted up a progress shot of the shader we’re going to use in the secret areas for Standpoint for Screenshot Saturday. If you didn’t see me post it then, have a look here:   I was asked if I could write up explaining how the shader worked, so that’s what […]

“That Sounds Great Man”

I love seeing other people’s great ideas. I REALLY love seeing other people’s great ideas and then getting asked if I want to get on board with the project. I met Nate (vethan) a couple of years ago when at Bristol Uni together. I was finishing a composition Masters and joined a team in the computer […]


The Joys of Playtesting

So, I hope everyone had an excellent Christmas! The soundtrack to today’s article is this chilled out number (Out of Town by Zero 7). This fortnight’s post was going to be about something totally different, but yesterday I had an excellent playtesting session, so decided to talk about that instead. Don’t worry, you’ll get to […]