Unruly Saturday Round-up

So what’s been going on this week with Standpoint?   Glad you asked.  The biggest change has been our adjustment to the Standpoint art-style.  We’ve added more depth to the colour ramp we use in our shader, and are really happy with the results.  It’s made the rotation effects look much smoother, as well as added a really nice ethereal quality to the levels!  Isn’t that neato?

New Shading!  Nicely ruined by GIF compression...

New Shading! Nicely ruined by GIF compression…


Also, we’ve done our first pass at alternate colour schemes, having created a rough mock up of “Anger”s reds.  To help in organising we have a custom aesthetic switcher meaning we can change level’s colour schemes at the click of a button!  The GIF below shows that functionality off! Nicee

From loss to anger, in the click of a button!

From loss to anger, in the click of a button!


In other news WarpBall received a rather positive preview from the Invision Game Community!  Many thanks to them for covering the game, remember you can still get a copy of WarpBall from Desura



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