Nathan “Vethan” John - Programmer, Designer - Nathan is a lifelong gamer and technophile, and is known to many by his online pseudonym Vethan.  After graduating as a computer scientist, he spent the last two years working as a programmer in the games industry, leaving his mark on several titles including the PC version of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

Daniel Murdoch - Composer, Sound Designer - Since first realising that games need music, Dan has been writing for them. After studying classical music, he completed and composition MA focused on game sound. He now works freelance for indie-types and lectures on game sound and music at symposiums.

Michael Gillespie - Writer - Michael is a film industry staffer, word-arrangement enthusiast and amateur person. He studied literature and linguistics, most recently worked for Universal Studios and is an up and coming drama, prose and comedy writer who has always been intrigued by, and had a hankering to develop, gaming scripts.