Monthly Archives: June 2014

First Person Others 1

We’ve just collectively left the generation of the FPS. Who knows it may yet continue but for the last 7 years the games with the biggest budgets, biggest adverts, largest communities, celebrity tie-ins and general industry hoo-ha has been the first person shooter. All other genres were relegated to tier 2. Perhaps out of a […]

Unfinished Swan

New Shading!  Nicely ruined by GIF compression...

Unruly Saturday Round-up

So what’s been going on this week with Standpoint?   Glad you asked.  The biggest change has been our adjustment to the Standpoint art-style.  We’ve added more depth to the colour ramp we use in our shader, and are really happy with the results.  It’s made the rotation effects look much smoother, as well as […]

New Unruly Website! (beta)

We’re in the process of moving all our stuff from the Standpoint site to this, it’s new home, the Unruly Attractions site.  We’ll probably be going through several iterations of this so I guess this is a very beta site